Head to Toe


Financial planning isn't strictly for the rich. The faster you start financial planning the better. 


Nathan Schorsch, Financial Planner

Born in New Hampshire, I spent much of my childhood bouncing around the country. From Vermont, to Texas, to Hawaii, to finally Indiana where I attended Earlham College. After graduation, I made my way to the Pacific Northwest, where I have lived ever since. I am passionate about working with young people because of the lasting impact that good financial planning can have for those who start early. In addition, I have a special regard for those who pursue a calling in the field of nursing. Growing up, I was raised by two doctors and this has helped give me a basic understanding as to how hectic life can be in the healthcare profession. Now as the spouse of a nurse I have an even better understanding of what that means. I started Head To Toe so that I may serve young practitioners with a focus on their most relevant planning needs, such as student debt management, financial planning, and investment, all without the need for a product to sell. By helping my clients organize, prioritize, and automate, their focus can remain on what matters most: their patients, their families, and their well-deserved recreational pursuits. 


Earlham College
BA in History, 2009


  • FINRA Series 65 

  • FINRA Series 63

  • FINRA Series 7

Professional Associations

  • Associate Member of XYPN
  • Member of National Association of Personal Financial Advisers (NAPFA)


While looking for a financial advisor you may have come across the word fiduciary or even had a friend insist that your financial advisor needs to be a fiduciary. The distinction for financial advisors can be a little confusing, but it is important. A fiduciary manages another party's assets (in this case, you, as the client) and has a legal and ethical obligation to put that party's interest first. For a financial advisor this means helping a client make decisions that are in his or her best interest, even if that means reduced compensation (or no compensation) for the advisor.

What this means is that at Head to Toe we will always put the clients interests above our own. We do this because the financial world can be murky and we want to give you the confidence to move forward with your investment future. As a fee-only firm we will strive to always be up front with our costs and only choose the path that best fits our clients needs.

We encourage you to view our Fiduciary Oath and to ask any questions you have about what it means to be working with a fiduciary.