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Head to Toe Financial Planning works with everyone, and specializes in medical professionals and new nurses. 

Frequently Asked Questions



What types of clients do you work with?

Head to Toe is happy to work with any kind of client who is looking to develop their financial future. Our goal is to help you determine what kind of future you want and how to get there.  In that effort we have chosen to focus on working with medical professionals in the Portland area. 

Do you work with student loans?

Navigating your financial future while under the burden of student loans isn't easy for anyone. At Head to Toe we are here to help you come up with strategies to maximize you financial well being while still repaying what you owe.

Check out our resources page to get started with working on your student loans.

What are the benefits of paying for an ongoing membership instead of paying for individual meetings (via hourly fees)?

By signing up for the monthly services you have access to an accountability partner throughout the year as well as the ability to clarify any concerns you have without worrying about how much each visit will cost. There will also be monthly check-ins to make sure everything is going smoothly as well as different focuses during the year to bring the most out of your membership. 

Do I have to be in the Portland area to make an appointment?

Head to Toe primarily offers virtual services, which means that you can book and attend your appointments from anywhere. Meeting with a financial planner can be a stressful endeavor and we want to make this process as easy as possible for you. By allowing you to engage with the firm via online meetings, phone calls and emails our services are available when they are convenient for you. 

Why should i choose htt? how is it different from other financial services firms?

Head to Toe is a fee-only firm that focuses on financial planning.  By working as a fiduciary we are held to the highest standard in doing what's best for our clients. There is no product to sell or commission to make so our advice is unbiased. 

As the spouse of a nurse and the son of two doctors, I have a unique history that allows me to understand the stresses of being in the healthcare profession and am here to take the stress of managing your finances off your plate.

What does being a fiduciary mean?

This is one of the hot button questions that has been driving the financial world recently and is an important question to ask of anyone dealing with your assets. In short a fiduciary is someone that will put your interests over their own. This means that Head to Toe always has your best interest in mind and not just from a moral stand point but from a legal stand point as well. We know there can be a lot of uncertainty when asking someone to manage your assets and we want our clients to have to peace of mind when they are working with us.

You can read more about being a fiduciary and see the Fiduciary Oath I signed on our About page.