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The Value of Retreating

Today’s post is going to be geared more towards those in private practice or looking to get into private practice, but could be applied to everyone.  I wanted to talk about staff retreats and why they can be incredibly beneficial to small businesses, even if it’s just you running everything. While retreats are usually overlooked for a variety of reasons I wanted to give you some arguments as to why they can be some of the best uses of your time.  

  1. Unlike a regular meeting between you and your staff, taking a retreat allows to move to a neutral location and clear your heads.  It more easily allows for the open discussion of ideas as the dynamics of the workplace are left at the office.

  2. Gives you or your team the opportunity to think about high level aspects of your business.  You can think about marketing initiatives and ways to highlight your care for your patients, or work on internal processes to help streamline the patient side of care.  

  3. If it’s just you running the practice, you can clear your head and look at ways that bringing on support staff may help your practice and what that would look like to your business.  

  4. If you have some employees it’s a chance to build relationships and improve the workplace dynamic, while making sure that everyone’s voices are heard.

  5. Retreats allow you to focus on important aspects of your practice that you simply don’t have the time or bandwidth to deal with during the normal course of your day.  

While those reasons work very well for those who run their own private practice, what about those who didn’t go that route?  Retreats can still be a useful tool to clear your head, and focus on your professional goals. They will give you the opportunity and space to decompress and think about higher level goals than your day to day of caring for patients.  I know taking time off isn’t a strong suit of doctors and nurses, but burnout is a serious consideration in your job. Taking time to decompress and focus on yourself can be invaluable to lengthening your career and making you better able to handle the needs of your patients.

What do you think?  Is retreating worthwhile?  How have you been able to decompress and reset?  Comment below or let me know via email.

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